·Han Dayuan·Hu Jinguang
·Yang Jianshun·Mo Yuchuan
·Li Yuanqi·Zhang Xiang
·Wang Guisong·Yu Wenguang
·Wang Xu·Cao Liu
·KIM Young-Wan·Pi Chunxie
·Xu Chongde·Zhang Zhengzhao
Prof. M. P. Singh's Lecture on India's Constitution and Constitutional Law
Platform of Great Judge〕Jiang Bixin: Judical Reform and Innovation of Administrative Act System
Prof. Xu Chongde was invited to attend the meeting on Hongkong and Macao
Pfro. Han Dayuan and Zhang Xiang Attended Commemoration on Qing Dynasty's Constitutional Program
Pfro. Han Dayuan As One Member of Handred Jurist Gave A Lecture of in Shanghai
New Peleases
MORE>>Forum on Constitutional and Administrative Law
· Forum on Constitutional Law and Judicial System
· Pro. Takahasi Kaziyoki's Lecture on the Current Situation and Tas
· Academic Proseminar on Compraing Constitutional Law Education bet
· Prof. M. P. Singh on theCreation Development of India Judical Re
· Commemoration on Qing Dynasty's Constitutional Program
· Judge Jiang Bixin gave a Lecture on Judical Reform and Innovation
MORE>>Constitutional Law Study
· Social Legislation and Construction of Welfare State in Modern China
· Reflection and Reconstruction of the Right to be Forgotten
· The Constitutional Interpretation of the National Scientific Research Funding System
· On the Ideological Origin and Basic Principles of Legal Protection of Personal Information—An Analys
· Scientific Construction of the Theoretical System of Supervisory Jurisprudence in New Era
· The Legal Boundaries and Liability of the Freedom of Human Gene Editing Research
MORE>>Administrative Law Study
· On the Due Process of Land Expropriation
· On the Effect of an Administrative Act as a Constituent Element
· On the Clarity of Administrative Acts
· Cooperativity Principle in Institutional Reform and its Realization
· Administrative Subject Theory and The Comparative Study on Its Rule of Law Background
· On the Concept Establishment and Theoretical Explanation of Rule-making Power of Administrative Bodi
MORE>>Law Review
·[QIN Qianhong][ZHOU Hang] An Analysis of the Ways to Perfect the Laws and Regulations within the Party through the Formulation
· 香港與中國內地的引渡法案如何被終止
·[ZHAO Qian][CHEN Xiang] The Functional Appropriateness of Leading Group: Norm Essence of Agency Framework Clauses of High-st
·[ZHAO Qian] Agency Framework and Governance: Normative Analysis on Organization Provisions of Land Reclamation R
·[LI Changgeng] Dispute and Responses on “Urban Land Owned by the State”
·[Li Changgeng] Dilemma and Outlet of Assessment of the Rule of Law in China
MORE>>Legal System of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan
· Judicial Review of Macao Administrative Regulations——Case Study as the Perspective
· The legal basis and practical motivation of the power of the SAR to submit the proposal of constitu
·[CAO Xudong] Application of the Constitution in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region:Theoretical Review and Pr
· Application of Constitution in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
·[Qin Jing] Judicial Activism versus Deference:The Ways and Developments of the HK Court of Final Appeal in Adju
· The Concept of Freedom of Expression and Its Limit——A Comparative Study on the“Flag Desecration Case
MORE>>Legal Essay
· 泮偉江
· 王琳
·[Li Changgeng] Analysis on National Governance Modernization in the Context of China
·[Li Changgeng] Initiative Reform:the Ideal Choice of Chinese Social Transformation
· 追憶許崇德老師二、三事
·[LIANG Chengyi] School Civic Education Based on the Rule of Law
MORE>>Public Law Information
· On the Development and Innovation of Administrative Litigation System upon the Judicial Interpretati
· 2018年3月13日在第十三屆全國人民代表大會第一次會議上
· Administrative Law and Accelerating the Construction of Law-abiding
· 2015年3月8日在第十二屆全國人民代表大會第三次會議上
· Report of China‘s Public Tendency of Populism (2012)
· 在中國共產黨第十八次全國代表大會上的報告(2012年11月8日)
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